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Why Do I Need Gutters?

If you’ve had to look for roofing service in Montgomery County, PA, you may wonder what the point of having a gutter is. After all, it could add time and resources to installing your new roof and could even make it difficult to achieve the look you dreamed of for your home.

However, there are significant reasons you have a gutter in place; it helps protect your home in ways that are less-than-obvious but could have a real impact on your peace of mind. Here are some of the things gutters protect against:

Water Damage

Fundamentally, gutters protect your property from water damage. On one level, it provides the rainwater a path to follow that isn’t dependent on roofing, which can become damaged. Damaged roofing offers an area for the rain to pool, which eventually turns into leaks inside the home.

Furthermore, allowing water to slide off the roof means that it will collect around the base of your home, where the damp can eventually penetrate your home and wreak all kinds of havoc, such as creating conditions that allow mold to grow.


Aside from the issue of water being trapped and seeping in through the roof or walls, it can also pool around your home, creating even more lasting damage.

Pools around your home can be dangerous for some of the same reasons that pooling on your roof or water running down your walls can be dangerous. It allows for damp to seep into your home and create conditions that would allow your space to house mold alongside your family.

However, pooling has other dangers involved with it as well. It can lead to increased insects around your home, as standing water is the ideal breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes.

When water pools, it can lead to another danger to your home: erosion.


If the ground around your home becomes saturated, it can allow water to reach the foundations of your home, which isn’t particularly harmful in the short-term. The danger arises when water is consistently flowing past the foundations of your home, wearing away the stone a little more each time, until cracks and rot appear, making it necessary to make expensive repairs.

With a well-maintained gutter, this erosion becomes less likely because it diverts the water safely away from your foundation.

If you’re looking for an expert skilled in new gutter installation serving Bucks County, PA and the surrounding area, give Trilogy Exteriors a call today!

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