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Top Roofing Mistakes Made by DIYers

You’re an avid DIYer with time on your hands, but do you trust yourself to take on a DIY roofing job? The truth is that roofing installation requires a particular set of skills (not to mention training, certification, and specialized tools) that even DIY homeowners with above-average knowledge of roofing just simply don’t have. 

There are so many different things that can go wrong with DIY roof jobs, ultimately leading to repairs down the road. A rundown of top mistakes with DIY roof jobs can help you understand why DIYers and roofs are a bad mix.

Failure to Install Proper Roofing Supports

Improper installation of any roofing materials can lead to weakness, warping, and stains. Failure to install the roof’s ice shield — which is a waterproof membrane — can allow ice to seep through your roof as it melts, causing a host of issues ranging from mold to rot. And if you don’t install the flashing properly and everywhere it’s needed (around objects, in valleys, etc.), then water can’t run off the roof like it should, which can result in standing water that causes deterioration and other problems.

Failure to Install Shingles Properly

First off, you need to know that if the shingles you spend your hard-earned money on are not installed properly, the manufacturer will likely void their warranty. 

That being said, one of the top mistakes DIYers make is installing new shingles over old ones, which serves to provide a new place for moisture to seep. Even the number of nails used to install your shingles matters. For instance, three-tab varieties require four nails for each shingle, but if your roof has a higher pitch, you need to drive six nails into each shingle.

Ventilation Issues

Another common issue is not installing vents in the attic when replacing a roof. This lets in a pocket of cold air during the winter months that can help to prevent snow that melts and then freezes against the roof, resulting in ice dams and a whole lot of problems for your shingles.

Ready to Call in the Big Guns?

As you can see, there are many mistakes that you can make with an attempted DIY roof repair or installation. The best advice is to skip DIY altogether and hire an expert so that you know your job is done right the first time. Count on Trilogy Exteriors’s decades of experience for reliable residential roofing in Bucks County.

A misaligned roof due to installation error.

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