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Gutter Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind During the Winter

Severe winter weather can affect every inch of your home, including your gutters. When the frigid temperatures settle in, any moisture on your gutters will immediately freeze. This will clog your gutters, trapping any runoff on the surface. Eventually, the blockage will become too heavy for the gutters to handle, and the fasteners will slowly rip away from the roof. What you’ll be left with is a broken gutter on your yard or sidewalk. To avoid spending money on unnecessary repairs, follow these important winter maintenance tips for your gutters. 

Clean Off Debris

Gutters are responsible for safely removing water away from your home’s walls and foundation. However, they can’t perform their job effectively if they’re clogged with debris. Leaves, twigs, shingle granules, small rodents, and other debris can clog gutters and prevent water from flowing freely, leading to gutter damage. Cleaning gutters is the most basic (and most important) maintenance step homeowners should perform on an annual basis. If this is the least you do, you’re already off to a great start. 

Inspect for Damage

While you’re up there cleaning, check your gutters for existing signs of damage. Any deterioration your gutters currently have will only get worse in the winter weather. Are your gutters firmly attached to the fascia? Is there any sign of existing water damage? Are there any gaps, holes, or cracks that can cause your gutters to leak? All of these damages require immediate repairs by Trilogy Exteriors, your local roofing services expert in Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding areas. 

Set Up Gutter Covers

If your property is covered by trees that shed often, you’re probably climbing your ladder as often as once a month to clear your gutters. You can significantly reduce the time spent cleaning by installing gutter covers. Gutter covers come in a variety of styles, but all serve one purpose: they block debris from clogging your gutters. The only thing that will pass through is water. 

Install Heating Tape

Ice buildup, icicles, and ice dams are not friends to your roof and gutters. You can prevent them from showing up uninvited by installing heating tape. Heating tape is an electrical cord that warms your gutters to prevent water from freezing over. This is an inexpensive and straightforward home improvement project that will prevent your new gutter installation in Bucks County, PA, from getting damaged this winter. 

If you would like to learn more about gutter maintenance, or any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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