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5 Important Roof Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

Winter is coming, and safety is our number one priority here at Trilogy Exteriors. As leading providers of new roof installation services in and around Montgomery County, PA, we help families stay protected from the elements. In fact, the following maintenance tips can help you to keep your roof in excellent condition throughout the colder months.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Clear drainpipes and gutters assist with draining the water from your roof as ice and snow melt. If water starts to collect in your gutters, it can cause severe issues as temperatures drop over the night. Gutters that become clogged with ice lead to damming within your gutters and downspouts. These ice dams surround your home with moisture and can damage the siding and foundation of a building.

Remove Debris Before the Snow Arrives

Branches from trees above your home often drop leaves onto the roof. Over time, vast amounts of leaves and debris will accumulate and clog up your gutters. We recommend working with a professional company to clear all debris from your roof and gutters. This saves a lot of trouble before the winter brings awful weather in its wake.

Inspect Your Roof Area

You should avoid climbing up to the roof during the winter months as it could be slippery and hazardous. Instead, take a walk around the perimeter of your home and look for signs of sagging, damaged tiles, or torn asphalt. If you spot any problems, contact a roofing professional immediately before they get worse.

Consider an Arborist

Dead branches are a danger to your roof and the windows of your home if the winter winds turn to storms. If you have a lot of trees surrounding your home, work with an arborist or experienced gardening professional to have your trees inspected and pruned or trimmed professionally.

Remove Snow for Safety

Any snow that falls within four feet of your gutters and drains should be removed to improve your drainage. Rakes are an excellent tool for clearing the snow off your roof. If there is too much snow, call a professional so that they can remove the snow for you.

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